Shreya Chakraborty

Shreya's foray into art began in childhood, with the simple yet heartfelt crafting of handmade birthday cards. This early exploration was a conduit for joy and a way for Shreya to touch the lives of others through her creativity.

As she grew, her artistic talents blossomed, particularly in the realm of acrylic paintings. Shreya's canvases are kaleidoscopes of emotion, bursting with dynamic colors and striking compositions, a reflection of her journey through life's ups and downs.

For Shreya, art became a powerful tool for healing, allowing her to process and find peace from past traumas. This deeply personal connection to her work infuses each painting with a unique soulfulness that resonates with viewers. It's this emotional depth that has drawn the attention of galleries in Mumbai, who have found a profound connection with her art and invites viewers to not only observe but also feel, making each painting a cherished and meaningful acquisition for any art enthusiast.

  • Seductive Steps

    A close-up view of captivating heels, rendered in a striking pop art style, embodying the allure and sophistication of contemporary fashion.

  • Whispered Kiss

    An intimate close-up of lips, artistically captured in vivid detail, portraying the silent language of desire and expression.

  • Flower Society (II)

    Inspired by the convergence of natural properties to come together to create every single, unique pod of a Gingko plant.