Medha Khattar

Born in 1996, a self-taught artist with a unique journey into the world of art. Graduating with a degree in Hotel Management from Chandigarh IHM and completing her post-graduation at Amity University, Medha's artistic aspirations blossomed during the chaos of the Covid pandemic.
Finding solace and peace in painting amidst the uncertainties of the world, Medha's exploration led her to discover the captivating realm of fluid art. Specializing in the intricate Dutch pour technique, she expertly manipulates acrylic colors to create stunning compositions on canvas.This innovative approach utilizes air to manipulate paints on canvas, resulting in mesmerizing ribbon-like edges and intricate cell lacing. Preferred tool for this technique is a hair dryer, enabling her to create intricate patterns and textures.
In addition to her artistic endeavors, Medha has also started conducting workshops to raise awareness about the therapeutic aspects of fluid art. Through these workshops, she aims to share her passion for art as a form of self-expression and healing with others.

  • Tranquil Tides

    Embodies a serene coastal scene, with gentle waves of blue and aqua flowing effortlessly across the canvas, evoking a sense of peace and calm.

  • Cobalt Dreams

    Soothing shades of blue, creating a serene and dreamy atmosphere.

  • Autumn Embrace

    Warm rusts and oranges, capturing the cozy embrace of the fall season with its vibrant and inviting hues.dramatic sunset.