Anushka Tandon

"Life itself is a tapestry of stories – yours, mine, and ours. This world isn't just composed of atoms; it's woven from the threads of our life's tales, creating one grand narrative. Stories have been my lifelong companions, especially growing up in a culture rich with the tradition of storytelling that spans millennia. I've always aspired to contribute to this legacy, to add my unique voice and interpretation to the collective story of our world – my story, in my own words."


Koi Pond embroidered with cotton threads and iridescent sequins on fleece fabric. Usage of sculpted frog and outliner for details.



This painting endeavors to capture a mesmerizing 3D perspective. It beckons the viewer toward an enigmatic and serene escape from the urban cacophony.

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Moonlight Sonata

Seascape with Fish and Corals hand embroidered with cotton threads, sequins, beads and wool.